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From Concept to Market Leader: Your Nutraceutical Manufacturing Partner.

GMP Nutraceuticals specializes in turning nutritional supplement ideas into market leaders. Since 2009, our industry-leading flavor lab and manufacturing expertise have set the standard in nutraceutical production. We offer comprehensive services, from custom formulation to high-quality manufacturing, backed by a portfolio of over 2,500 successful products. For excellence and innovation in every supplement trust GMP Nutraceuticals.

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Sourcing, Formulation & Powder Blending

Our Sourcing, Formulation & Powder Blending service meticulously sources top-quality raw materials and collaborates with clients to develop innovative supplements. Leveraging advanced powder blending techniques, we ensure uniformity and consistency in every product. This comprehensive approach guarantees your supplement's standout performance in the market.

Container & Premade Bag Filling

Our Container & Premade Bag Filling service offers precise, efficient packaging solutions for your supplements. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we fill a variety of container and bag types with exact dosages, maintaining the highest standards of product integrity and safety. This service ensures your supplements are market-ready, packaged to perfection for consumer appeal and convenience.

Vertical Form Fill & Seal Flexible Bagging

Our Vertical Form Fill & Seal Flexible Bagging service delivers efficient and versatile packaging for your supplements. This process utilizes cutting-edge technology to form, fill, and seal supplements in flexible bags, offering a range of sizes and formats. Ideal for a variety of products, this service ensures your supplements are packaged securely, maintaining freshness and extending shelf life, while also providing a convenient and attractive option for consumers.

Quality Control & Metal Detection

Our Quality Control & Metal Detection service is integral to ensuring the safety and integrity of your supplements. We implement rigorous quality control checks at every production stage, complemented by advanced metal detection systems. This dual approach guarantees that your products meet the highest quality standards, are free from contaminants, and align with industry regulations, providing peace of mind for both you and your customers.

Encapsulation & Capsule Filling

Container capping refers to the process of securing and sealing containers with caps to ensure product safety and freshness. This procedure can involve manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated machinery, depending on production scale and container type.

Container & Bag Labeling

Our Container & Bag Labeling service offers precise and professional labeling for your supplement packaging. Utilizing advanced labeling technology, we ensure each container and bag is accurately labeled with key product information, reflecting your brand's image and compliance with regulatory standards. This service enhances the marketability of your products, ensuring that they stand out on the shelves.

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