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What We Do Our experience in producing more than 1,500 products offers unsurpassed expertise in developing today’s most in-demand products.

  • Custom Formulations

    GMP-N knows there is a specific science to developing your product. We look to the expertise of one of the most experienced formulators in the industry, Paul LaRiviere. He has created some of the most innovative whey based, plant based, and dietary supplements available today.

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  • Contract Blending

    GMP-N offers extensive blending capacity and expertise to manufacture your product with complete consistency. Our blending room is equipped with the most advanced technology and cutting edge equipment to guarantee even and efficient blending.

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  • Contract Labeling

    Labeling can be just as important as the product itself. Not only does it set you apart from your competition, but it directly represents your company. At GMP-N we make sure labeling meets high quality standards so your product looks its best each time it’s produced.

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  • Contract Packaging

    Our packaging lines facilitate high capacity production and quick turnaround times as well as product versatility. With a diverse packaging selection, GMP-N wants your packaging to be as unique as your formulation.

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  • Quality Control

    GMP-N is dedicated to giving you a consistent product that always meets your specifications. From beginning to end, GMP-N formulates, blends, and packages your entire product while closely monitoring all processes using cGMP 21 CFR Part 111 as regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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  • Products

    Every product GMP-N offers is custom to their clients needs. Our team can develop custom formulas from start to finish or co-author formulas using customer supplied basic nutrition profiles.

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GMP Nutraceuticals Certifications We strive to provide you the best quality products. The following organizations think so as well!