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contract-labelingLabeling can be just as important as the product itself. Not only does it set you apart from your competition, but it directly represents your company. At GMP-N we make sure labeling meets high quality standards so your product looks its best each time it’s produced. Each time your label comes to GMP-N it is inspected for quality assurance to make sure everything is properly stated. If you are in need of a print shop for your labels, GMP-N is able to recommend several that can meet your creative needs.

GMP-N follows strict cGMP requirements for handling our customer’s supplied labels and pre-printed packaging. At time of arrival, they are reviewed by our Quality Control team and then assigned a part# and lot# for tracking purposes. We add them to our inventory database and every single label from that point on is logged for safe-keeping and tracking. When not on the production line, your labels are kept in a climate-controlled stock room with limited access by only management personnel. Your brands are in good-hands with GMP-N.


Check out our Contract Packaging page.

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