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08092016-2 034The profiles of protein formulas are as varied as the consumers who buy them. With so many options available, our experienced R&D team ensures that quality and great taste are two constants included in every product we produce.

Protein formula options include:

  • Dairy Based (Whey, Milk, Casein, Isolates, Concentrates, Hydrolysates)
  • Plant Based (Soy, Pea, Rice, Hemp)
  • Specialty Proteins (Egg Albumin, Potato, Peptides, Algae)
  • Meal Replacement
  • Weight Management
  • Muscle Support
  • High Protein Powdered Foods (Pancake/Waffle mixes, Brownie mixes, Oatmeal, and more)

Check out our Specialty Blends page.

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